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Vox Ex Machina

...and things fall apart

The Voice of Fate
27 February
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I come from a dingy little back-alley of a town with three names and three less stoplights. Since I'm lazy and have no actual skills, I'm now pursuing a liberal arts degree at a second-tier school in Philadelphia, the home of the angioplasty. I'm a teenager and everything has gone well for me, so naturally I hate everyone and everything, especially the things that have brought me my modicum of success. I'll eventually pursue a middle management job, which I'll hold on to while I'm "finishing my novel". This book will never get written and I'll be put into early retirement for high blood pressure and stealing office supplies. As I settle into my golden years with the wife I don't love, and the 2.5 children I never see, I'll be able to look back on my life and appreciate the desolation I've sewn in my wake. In the surprise ending, I die, but realize I'd been dead for years, and that Bruce Willis is actually a ghost. Oops, I guess I'm going outside of the scope of this info page! So let's just say that God is in all of us, except the Jews and darkies, who will burn forever, as foretold in the Book of Latter Day Saints.